, June 21, 2021

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Idiot Welshman marooned in Sheffield. Printer of Merch, Maker of Stickers, Breaker of Cars. Usually found stuck to fibreglass panels or wielding a hammer in the direction of #ProjectBankruptcy

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  January 11, 2021

Kara PT 25. Getting her off the Spit

most of the largest items of fabrication work that can be completed with...

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  December 13, 2020

Kara PT24... Stumbling along... and ALL THE SHINEY

After getting the Centre console pretty much squared away earlier, I moved a...

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  December 13, 2020

Kara PT23 Almost got a centre console - and there are shiney things happening!

Finished up last time with a VERY rough outline of the centre console,...

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  December 06, 2020

Kara PT22 MOAR engine build goodness from RotMods

Lokki is really putting me to shame this last week.... BEHOLD THE ENGINE...

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  December 04, 2020

Kara PT21 RotMods start un-destroying my Engine...

..... and I make little piles of bits on my workbench The ever-productive Lokki...

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  November 30, 2020

Kara PT20 RotMods destroyed my Engine! and I tried to do some stuff

So with the outsourcing underway - and the updates I keep getting from...

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