So you have had a look around our awesome little site and forum, and you have decided you wanna be part of our little community.  So you have joined the forum, and then you notice there is a suspicious lack of project build threads. What the hell? what kinda forum doesn’t have build threads? The kind that uses blogs!

Errrrr….. What?
Ok.. maybe I should rewind  a bit and explain the “why” before the “how”.

So why blogs instead of build threads?
A few reasons really 🙂 see, back in the days when I was writing a build thread on my project car, I realised the format gave me some issues.

  1. the main one for me was that everyone who commented on my thread talked at the same “volume” as me, there was no distinction (beside avatar) of whos car was getting built, in fact, my voice could be drowned out by several pages of comments, the actual purpose of the thread, to record the build of my car just got kinda drowned by everyone elses comments. This is my build isn’t it? shouldn’t I have more control of the thread? shouldn’t my voice stand out a little bit?  Don’t get me wrong, Comments and conversation are pretty damn essential 😀 but they shouldn’t be able to drown out the main content.
  2. Chronological order… everything is in chronological order… some one finds your build thread 3 years and 28 pages in and they wanna ask you about that strut brace you fitted on page 6, where does their question show up, yeah right on page 28 at the bottom. (and you can bet the question has been answered on pages 7, 9, 12,16,22,23,25 and they havn’t read them, they just hit the post button)wouldn’t it be great if comments and questions relative to one of your updates were kept in the same place? Oh and you get a notification taking you to that place with all the info there , rather than having to flick through 28 pages to find out what the question is about?

So how does a blog solve these issues?

You control the main content. we’ve all seen blog websites, where the author gets to command the majority of the page, like news websites, the author writes the news, it appears like a nicely laid out web page, then all the comments about that news article go at the bottom, people can chat and ask questions and the author can intereact with them and it is all kept out of the main content, it works to add to the content, not detract from it. Plus, the comments are powered by the forum, this is a good thing…. when we get it working… ( seems to be working now :D )

Ok… so lets assume I have convinced you a blog is better than pouring your effort into a build thread on a forum…. why should I write my blog on Combustionpunks, lets face it, there are other places to write a blog, or update people on what you are doing, Instagram, Facebook, Blogger... hell there are a metric ton of social media and content sharing options.

The main reason is that Combustionpunks is AWESOME! we are not just dedicated to trying to produce a good blog platform, we want to build an amazing automotive community, complete with forum, Show stands, Track days, Drift days, meets……. and we’d like to think that we have made a good start 😀 we have won a couple “best of show” club stands and we are determined to carry on doing so.
You won’t be a lone voice shouting on the internet, we are actively promoting members blogs, on the main site, on the facebook page , Through instagram, Pintrest, twitter, and in the real world too. you’ll be part of a community that actively tries to promote its members and their endeavours, We want your work and our community to be read! a lot!

By now you must be gagging to get started on your blog…. so lets crack on! Part 2 is all about how to get started….


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